About me



Ana Calha lived, studied and worked as a journalist in the UK for seven years, later moving to the USA to do her MA

in Second and Foreign Language Education at Soka University of America. The academic excellence shown

throughout her MS program and her contribution to the academic community as a person brought her

the university's Founder's Award. 


She has been an English teacher for 14 years, having taught people from the ages of 3 to 80. Aside from her MA, she also did the CELTA and CTYL courses. This latter one, for teaching children and teenagers. 


Ana is a trainer in Intercultural Education for 7. She has also worked as a Teacher Trainer in the areas of Dialogue, Cooperation and Diversity for 4 years.


More recently, she has developed her own Dialogue course, with great interest from the people who have attended it. She is now certified as a Dialogue Coach and her new project is called Dialogue for Life: Winning in Life is Connecting to Others


Her two main areas of interest are life changing Dialogue and Language. 





The project For Real Life


With the right tools, everything is possible. Throughout my life I've had the benefit and the wisdom to (almost always) look for answers and tools that allowed me to take responsibility for the things I feel and experience.  I've always been suspicious of solutions that said the answer for one particular difficulty was outside of me. Outside of my body, heart and life. Or that someone could solve my life. Step by step I pushed aside all the nonsense and I've come to be what I am today without escapism.  


For Real Life is founded on one single intention - for each person to come to know that they can, without a doubt, be happy here and now. With no need to run away. Using as a resource nothing but our innate ability to trust ourselves. And, consequently, trusting others. Aside from this awareness, for each person to know exactly how to go about doing it. Using real tools for a real life, wherever they are. 


I strongly believe that we all experience whatever it is we experience - uniquely - in order to be of service to others. In my case, For Life applies to the one area that was constantly difficul in my life:  the type of Dialogue that can bring people together, solve conflicts and put an end to silences. About 15 years ago, I began this beautiful journey of moving forward and backwards in the search for family relationships with the sort of communication that didn't involve the dominated and the dominant or fear but with joy, respect and mutual learning. After seeing very concrete results with the ones that are dearest to me, I focused my attention on friendship, love, work... With a lot of study, practice and more practice and training, all that I've changed has brought me a life with no deadlocks and where everything is possible. 


I know I can contribute to the improvement of the quality of Dialogue in the life of each person. And I know how to do it. For real change. For each person to find their own set of tools and answers. After years as a teacher, trainer and teacher trainer, I have seen many people be truly empowered to learn about the infinite possibilities to build real dialogue.   


Through the Coaching sessions for the course Dialogue for Life: Winning in Life is Connecting to Others


Or through the courses English for Life   and    English for Life Jovens.


Let's move forward together.



Ana Calha






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